A Healthy Year

Deciding to be healthier and more committed in the new year isn’t hard. It’s doing it that’s difficult.

So, how can you make 2016 a good year for fitness and a healthy lifestyle?

I believe the best way to get things going is to begin immediately. Right now. Not tomorrow, or next Monday. Now. The longer you wait to get things done, the more your motivation levels decrease. Beginning immediately doesn’t mean jumping in blindly though. Make a plan.

It’s important that you know exactly what you’ll be doing to become healthier and fitter. You need to have a structured exercise program that lasts about thirty days, the length of time it takes to build a habit (I used Gillian Michaels’)and be in a position to record what you eat daily. Some people get along fine without the last step but I’ve found it extremely helpful knowing how much I need to eat to reach my goals and remain well fed throughout the day.

There were times when I ‘forgot’ to workout or didn’t eat right for weeks at a time. The times you feel you’ve stumbled too long and haven’t a chance of getting back on track are the most important. You either resign yourself to old, unhealthy habits or choose to move forward with a healthier way of life. If you’re after a lifestyle change, which I personally believe is better than a short diet, there isn’t a time limit, so going back a few steps isn’t the end of the world.

Finally, to get to where you want to be, you need to be patient. Becoming more patient played a huge role in getting me where I am today: stronger than I’ve ever been before.
Whatever your goal is, you need to remember that these things take time. You won’t miraculously drop a dress size or wake up a hundred times fitter. It’s A Process.


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