Start Running 

I used to hate running in high school. Every year, I’d come up with excuses not to run inter-house cross-country, not that I ever had the guts to use any. Then in upper six, I started going for short runs and last year, I ran my first 10k!

The most obvious way to get started is to just go out and run, but there are a few things that helped me along the way.

• Start small – by overdoing it you risk putting yourself off it completely or even injuring yourself

• Work past the first few minutes – as much as I love running, I always spend the first few minutes asking myself why I’m doing it. It’s always slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, but once you’ve worked past that discomfort, you will feel absolutely amazing.

• If you can, find a scenic route – the first time I tried running ‘properly’ I kept going because the amazing scenery kept me distracted. The Twelve Apostles on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other kept me from turning back miserably and walking home.

• Run with a friend – there are so many good reasons to run with someone else. They’ll give you words of encouragement, keep you company and, if you’re competitive like me, keep you from stopping or slowing down.

• Create a great playlist – the right music can keep you going for ages. Some people prefer to hear the sound of their footsteps while they run, but I find a good playlist keeps me going and gives me energy boosts when I need them most.


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