First Year Weight

One of the things I was weary of in my first year at university was the infamous first-year weight gain. It’s something we were all warned about in high school and few took it seriously, but when mom isn’t there to give you a disapproving look or tell you it will ‘ruin your dinner’ there’s very little stopping you from stocking up on unhealthy, fatty foods.

Keeping the weight off is a lot easier than trying to get rid of it later so start now!

Find a gym ASAP – Do not waste time with this one. Even if you haven’t left for school yet, research what options you will have near you. Proximity is a major factor to consider. If your gym is out of the way, you’re less likely to want to go.

Make a fit friend – my friends in the beginning weren’t bothered about what they ate. As a result, we had burgers and chips nearly everyday. Even when we tried to become healthy, we would make excuses daily so we could stop in all the coffee shops and restaurants on our way home. I then became friends with someone who was very serious about her health and fitness. Every time she went running or to the gym, she’d ask if I wanted to go and she was always more likely to have a healthier option if we went out to eat. Having someone like that around makes a huge difference, trust me.

Try to avoid food on campus – it may be convenient, but it’s not the healthiest option and it’s usually more expensive than it needs to be.

Have a proper breakfast –you’re less likely to get hungry quickly, which usually results in unnecessary snacking. In the beginning, I wasn’t eating enough before lectures and ended up having pastries and sugary coffees straight off the bus. Have something hearty but healthy like oats. It’s easy to make and keeps you full for longer.

Do NOT go shopping on an empty stomach – do your groceries after you’ve had a meal. The sight of chocolates, chips and all the rest of it won’t rouse as much excitement as it normally would on an empty stomach

Pack lunch the night before –this helped me a lot last year for a number of reasons. I could sleep in for longer, I woke up feeling organized and I was less tempted to buy unhealthy food on campus.

If you have any questions or tips that have helped you, leave a comment below!


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