A Good Treat Day

Whether its reading a book you haven’t had time to get to during the week, having a brownie or catching up on your TV shows, having a day where you can do or have whatever you like is really important.
On this, my first treat day of the year, I’ve decided to have a frozen yoghurt from Myog. After months of waiting, they finally brought back the Oreo Flavour, which I absolutely love! Frozen yoghurt coupled with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made this quite the treat day!
Putting aside a day to have whatever I like has had its benefits. It’s become more than just a random day where I can laze about shamelessly for an hour or two while stuffing my face with junk.

It’s something to look forward to – My treat day is always on a Friday. This way, when things start looking bleak during the week and I begin to falter I tell myself I may as well work hard so I deserve my weekly treat.

It’s changed my relationship with food – Looking back, I had a really unhealthy relationship with food. I did a lot of emotional eating and the problem with that is, you think it will fix the problem and when it doesn’t you need even more and it turns into an unhealthy cycle. Having a day where I plan to eat whatever I want has taught me to appreciate food and truly enjoy it without that unfortunate and unnecessary guilt that so many of us go through. Food shouldn’t be something that makes you feel guilty.

It’s taught me self-control – having a specific day planned to do or eat something special makes all the difference. It’s meant I’m less likely to go out and buy something unhealthy or binge watch entire seasons during the week when I’m supposed to be studying.



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