I Binged, Now What?

The very day I completed the post on breakfast, I did something really stupid. I did not have a proper breakfast!

The result? I had the mother of all binge days.

I was dizzy and faint by third period. The peculiarities of Middle English and the focal points of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales weren’t nearly as important as the chocolate muffin I had on my mind. The lecture ended and I stumbled to the nearest shop and I had my muffin. And a giant slab of pizza. And crumbed chicken in the evening. And a milk tart for dessert.
It was quite an interesting day.

I’d had similar days in the past, but unlike those previous occasions, I decided not to let what I’d done get me down. Here’s what I did to work through it.

1. I got busy – I cleaned my whole room. I put away laundry, sorted out some cupboards, swept, mopped and wiped my surfaces. This did a lot to keep my mind off all the food I’d eaten and the very real physical pain it was causing me.

2. I did some homework – My school work kept me distracted and made me feel super organized and proud of myself.

3. I wore my training shoes to lectures – Although this was partially due to the fact I had rowing later in the day, wearing shoes I only ever wear to workout made me feel very strong, confident and athletic.

4. I got active –In the past I often felt like stuffing my face on just one occasion magically undid everything I’d worked for. This is obviously not true. I went for rowing and was able to keep up with everyone else and the bit of muscle definition I’d gained hadn’t turned into a clumps of fat as I’d thought they would.

Getting over a binge day can be difficult. I think one of the most important things to do is to treat it as just a minor set back. Whenever I thought of it as the worst possible thing that could happen on my journey to fitness, I was quick to give up and resort to old habits.

How do you get over such minor setbacks? Do tell!



4 thoughts on “I Binged, Now What?

    1. It’s true
      And you should definitely do the post. I think it’s good to have as many examples as possible of how actual people have gotten over binges. It’s more personal than reading it from a magazine where it’s written in theory

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  1. Oh can I unfortunately relate… I find that sleeping as much as possible ironically helps. Two things: first, you have to put up with how awful you feel less, and two: of course it’s great for your health and reducing cravings/future binges.

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