Weight Loss Mistakes I Made

I think one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to progress on my journey to fitness is taking the time to look at what I did right and wrong in the past. I’ve listed just a few things I’ve noticed and have actively tried to remedy.

Eating how I thought I had to – in the beginning, I’d limit myself to things like boring boiled, skinless chicken and tasteless steamed vegetables. As someone who absolutely loves good food, this was very difficult and more often than not, when I had something a little more decadent, I’d go way overboard. I’ve found the trick is to try and make what I love to eat as healthy as possible. It does take quite a lot of effort and you may have to sacrifice certain textures and flavours but it’s worth it in the end.

Allowing myself to get bored – I’d stick to the same workout program and eating plan, eventually becoming unmotivated to do anything. Even though it’s been argued that those who have a discernable routine are more likely to successfully lose weight, there comes a time when things inevitably get stale and in need of tweaking. I’m constantly looking for new ways to make my workout sessions more exciting. I recently joined rowing, out of genuine interest, but also to break the monotony that going to the gym everyday brings.

Comparing myself to others – I think that this was a very big factor in why I kept stopping and starting. Whenever I compared myself to others, I felt like my goals weren’t reachable. It’s been said often, but you should only really be comparing yourself to the past ‘you’. Focussing on what you have achieved, no matter how small, and taking pride in that makes all the difference.

Not Working Hard Enough – if you really want something, you need to be willing to put in the time and hard work. Looking back, I never got very far because I was quick to give up when things got difficult. Being aware of this has meant I’m able to stop myself before I quit.

This is what I’m going on so far! I’d love to hear what mistakes you’ve made and how you’re working to fix them. Comment Below!



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