The Beauty of Fit

People like to ask me why I do it, and in all my excitement, my responses always sound insincere. The reasons fly around in my head and I’m never able to articulate as well as I’d like to. I end up having to rely on four, fairly flat and inadequate words: Because I love it.

In the beginning, as I think it is with most people, the gym for me was a gateway to the type of body I thought would make my life criminally enjoyable, glamorous and devoid of problems. Whenever I was enlightened, however, I’d start to give up slowly until I was back at square one.

There were weeks of hard work followed by weeks of lethargy and then even more weeks spent trying to get back on track. The result? A deeper appreciation of fitness and my own wellbeing than I’ve ever had before.

I’m more confident, healthier and more energetic and I’ve become more courageous. Not that I’m swimming with sharks or anything (yet), but there are small things I’ve started doing that I haven’t considered in a long time, like becoming more involved in my societies, joining new sports or going up and talking to new people (which for someone with deeply introverted tendencies is huge).

The beauty of fit, to me, lies in its ability to transform every single aspect of one’s life, even those parts that don’t seem related at all.

What makes you want to be fit? Why do you love it?



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