Thoughts on Motivation

There are two extremes when it comes to motivation. When you have it, you’re at the gym faster than you would have thought possible and in its absence, the very thought of working out is too laborious a task. The question then, is how can you strike a balance?


Firstly, don’t expect to run on that single spectacular moment of motivation you had nearly two months ago. Motivation is a continuous process. You have to constantly remind yourself why you’re doing it. Some people only need reminding every few weeks. Others may need it everyday. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t stop doing it.

Secondly, if and when your motivation runs out completely, as so often is the case, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s all over. Wallow in self-pity, get it all out of your system then stop and get back to work! Pretend nothing happened. I’m not saying there’s nothing to learn from the experience. There most certainly is! Be mindful of what got you into that little mess, but don’t let it affect how hard you work.

To get you started on strengthening or rediscovering that sense of motivation, I’ve included the top three things that get me going whenever my motivation starts to wane.

• The playlist that makes every part of your being ache with the desire to move
• The images and videos that inspire an immediate dash for the gym
• The attention to detail that makes those seemingly unbeatable periods of ‘blah’ more bearable (How much better your clothes fit or that little bit of definition that wasn’t there before)

Lets help each other keep things going. Share how you stay motivated by commenting below!



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