Lion’s Head & Energy Boosts

I have been very inconsistent. The past month has been very unusual, to say the least, so I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked. Fitness is still really important to me and even though I haven’t been sharing anything, I’ve still been living as healthily as I can.

Things have slowed down now and I’ve found the time to sit down and write. A few weeks ago, I did something special. I’ve been hiking before but it’s never been something I actively seek out. It’s always just happened. My newly re-discovered love for the outdoors prompted the desire and before I could even consider it properly, my friend and fitness buddy invited me on a hike she’d already planned. Perfect!


We reached the starting point a little after 7:00am and were greeted by spectacular early morning views. The climb wasn’t that bad at first. A good part of it was spent walking and talking to each other easily. Then there came the first real, ‘climb’ where we had to hold on to chains and handles in the rock to hoist ourselves up, which was really exciting but slightly disconcerting if you thought about it too hard.


We were moving fairly quickly, so the conversation did slow down just a bit. Those of us with shorter limbs had to put in a special effort when it came to getting over the higher rocks, something that my taller friends didn’t need to worry about. After about an hour and a half, I think, we reached the top and it was amazing! On the left, Camps Bay sat nestled between The Twelve Apostles and the Indian Ocean, on the right, Signal Hill and behind us, Table Mountain in all its majesty. I felt I’d really accomplished something. I’d been wanting to go up Lion’s Head for years, so finally being able to stand on top of it and see Cape Town like never before was really special.


The accomplishment I felt in that moment made all my doubts and stresses seem less intimidating. I find that making mini-goals and taking the time to achieve them breaks up the monotonous and often painful grind that is life and gives much-needed energy boosts!

The only thing I regret was doing the climb after leg day. I was in so much pain afterwards!



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