Week Two: A Moonlight Hike & Midnight Tea

The second week of our October Challenge went well. I started with hot yoga, which was ridiculously intense but enjoyable, as always. The rest of the week I followed my usual schedule, going to the gym a total of four times.

I was under a lot of stress so eating healthy proved extremely difficult. I tried my hardest not to let the pressure get to me and I think I did an OK job. The trick is not to be so hard on yourself. Even if you spend an entire day eating all the wrong things, that doesn’t undo all the hard work you’ve done in the past. Acknowledge that the pizza and the cake and the chocolate was delicious and then tell yourself that tomorrow, you’ll get right back on track.


The highlight of the week was definitely the moonlight hike up Lion’s Head. We were, unfortunately, under prepared so we froze for about an hour at the top. We seriously considered climbing back down before the moon came up but when it did, we completely forgot all our whining and were so glad we’d stayed. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in Cape Town so far. The climb down was a bit tedious. Trying to climb down ladders and hold onto chains is a bit tricky with you cellphone/torch in hand.


While we were up there  freezing in our little corner, we’d begun fantasising about hot chocolate and sugary treats. Once we got down, we rushed to Mugg and Bean and had cake and tea. The mall was fairly empty so we raced around for a bit before coming back home.

Even though all the sugar we ate made me feel ill afterwards, I don’t regret it, mainly because time spent with friends is never a bad thing. Also, the tea and biscuits was much needed after our ordeal at the top!


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