It’s Already Been A Year!


A year ago, I decided to start writing about my fitness journey to stay motivated and to build a fitness community that I could help as well as learn from. In honour of my blog’s first birthday this week, I’ve made a list of 21 things I learned over the last twelve months.

1. There is no end – fitness is a journey, not a destination
2. Be prepared – completely altering your lifestyle is going to be difficult so be ready for the tougher moments
3. No comparisons – it’s unhealthy and counterproductive. Even if you start off with someone else, they could see results faster based on their body type.
4. Regular motivation – if you want to see results and keep going, you have to give yourself a dose of motivation every single day.
5. Try new things – if your gym sessions and meals become boring, change them. You’re more likely to fall back into old habits if you aren’t enjoying yourself.
6. Learn – results will come faster if you know what works best for your body
7. Fitness buddies – they encourage you, give you new ideas and keep you accountable

8. No deprivation… – if you completely eliminate your favourite cake or chocolate chip cookies, you’ll feel deprived and start bingeing. Everything in moderation.
9. Portion control – just because you’ve eliminated simple carbohydrates and are having meat and vegetables for dinner, doesn’t mean you can have three plates at a time. Too much of anything…
10. Sacrifice – at the end of the day, you do need to make some sacrifices to see a difference. You can’t continue to eat entire bags of chips every day if you expect results.
11. The Scale – it has its place but it shouldn’t be the only tool you use to measure your progress
12. Be kind… – it’s ok to make mistakes, we all do.
13. …But not too kind – the word is self-discipline.
14. Don’t overdo it in the gym – increase your efforts gradually. If you push too hard too quickly, you could hurt yourself and put yourself off it.img_3388
15. Simplicity – in terms of food, I find the simpler the ingredients, the healthier and easier to make.
16. Build a habit – find a program to get you going
17. Rest – it’s good to take some time off to breathe and do other things
18. Be flexible – if you don’t manage to go the gym the time you usually do on a particular day, readjust and get back on track
19. Enjoy yourself – being healthy is supposed to be fun. If you find the process tedious, you need to make some changes.
20. Everything else – fitness is more than food and exercise. Mental and emotional health are just as important in a fitness journey, if not more so.
21. Keep going – even if you spend two months slipping back into old habits, do not give up. See where you went wrong, readjust and start over.

The past year has been great in terms of health and fitness and this blog has definitely played a huge part in that. Finally, I want to say thank you to all the people who followed this blog and read my content in 2016. Your support means a lot and I look forward to growing our fitness community in 2017!



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