I’m Kudzi, a 21-year old student with a love of all things fitness. I spent most of my high school years completely unhappy with myself. I always thought if I could just be a teeny bit thinner, then everything else would fall miraculously into place. Two years into my degree and I realised (finally) that weighing a little less wouldn’t automatically make everything better. Along the way, however, I realised exercising and generally taking care of myself made me genuinely happy. Doing it out of love and enjoyment meant I actually reached some of my weight goals because I wasn’t focussing exclusively on what the scale told me. Instead, I focussed on becoming stronger and happier.


Over the last six months, I did a lot of running, gyming and yoga and this year, I’m going to try a range of different physical activities.I’m learning as I go and will share new  and exciting things I come across!


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